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Sure, Pittsburgher may not be the greatest term to describe a native of the Steel city, but the fact remains that Pittsburghers love their city. And why shouldn't they? Pittsburgh is home to 3 major professional sports teams, one of the nations preeminent theater districts and even a number of world-class universities. Not only does it have all of that to offer in terms of culture and entertainment, but it has also been consistently ranked as among the top cities in the nation to relocate to due to the high quality of living. No wonder Pittsburghers love it there!

Aside from the typical complaints that almost anyone would have about a large city, one of the main problems that people have with Pittsburgh is the lack of downtown Pittsburgh parking. Downtown Pittsburgh is on a very small island, and as a result parking in the Golden Triangle (as it's known) is extremely difficult because of the fact that it is one of the densest downtown areas in the nation. Many people who are looking for Pittsburgh parking for the first time are shocked at how tough it can be, and if you are unlucky enough to get into town during one of the many events that are hosted then finding downtown Pittsburgh parking could turn into a true nightmare.

PNC stadium parking and parking at the Heinz arena can be extremely difficult especially considering the fact that the Pirates and the Steelers are such popular local institutions, but in general the parking for these events is pretty well accommodated. During special events, however, the stadiums - as well as the entire city - can become swamped and you could find yourself paying much more for Pittsburgh parking than you should. If you are serious about avoiding that problem then the key is to find affordable parking in Pittsburgh before you get to town: which is where comes in.

With ParkingSpotter you can browse long and short term Pittsburgh parking listings including Golden Triangle parking as well as stadium parking or theater district parking. The options range from garage or lot spaces that are available on a long-term basis, to individual spots that residents post for rental. With such a wide variety of Pittsburgh parking options you give yourself the freedom to find the parking that best suits your needs that that you can guarantee yourself parking that is convenient, affordable and, best of all, safe.

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